Sockpuppetry: A Jewel Friedman Mystery

Written By: Jan Jacob Mekes - Dec• 29•12

Hurrah! It’s time for another Jewel Friedman mystery, this time courtesy of tbm1986, who gave me this prompt:

A reference to a Metal anthem (but not Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden, please)
A stereotypical British chav (innit bruv)
That feisty, beautiful yet mysterious young female detective of your creation

Incidentally, that will bring the number of Jewel Friedman mysteries up to five, which is a nice figure for an anthology, methinks. At $ 0.99, that would mean less than 20 cents per story, which is not bad, right? Right? Well, anyway, read the story first, then relish in the thought that you could soon be the owner of a lovely e-book featuring all the Jewel Friedman stories so far. And, pssst, did you know that for only 10 bucks, you can get a whole package of e-books, including my upcoming book Mothered?

And now for something completely different.

Sockpuppetry: A Jewel Friedman Mystery

As the morning light streamed into her room, Jewel Friedman sat on the floor behind her sofa. She put up her arm, a sock on her hand. A few moments later, a cat’s claw appeared over the edge of the settee’s back, digging itself into Jewel’s hand.

“Woohoo, Blackie! Ow, ow, ow. Not… so… wild!”

Their playing session was rudely interrupted by a piano cover of Metallica’s Master of Puppets. Jewel’s new ringtone. “Sorry, Blackie, I have to get this. It’s the superintendent…”

Superintendent Thomas told her about a murdered man having been found in Hyde Park. She had been put in charge of the investigation, so before stopping in at the office, she should take a look at the scene of the crime. Jewel hung up and sighed. “We’ll play some more tonight, Blackie,” she said to the white cat with its big, questioning eyes, and prepared to leave for another day in the urban jungle. A snowy urban jungle.

I wonder what she’ll find there? If you do too, buy the e-book and continue reading this story!

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